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Say hello to Shop-Script

We are excited to announce the release of Shop-Script 7, a major update to our flagship ecommerce platform!

Shop-Script 7 is the biggest update since the very first release of rewritten-from-scratch Shop-Script 5 back in 2013. Shop-Script 7 adds lots of handy features that will make your day-to-day operations with your online store more convenient and friendly.

For more information on Shop-Script 7, please refer to new version's dedicated site 7.shop-script.com.

Also, check out the big list of new features we published recently.

To testdrive Shop-Script 7, simply create new account in Webasyst Cloud and see all for yourself. It's free.

Mobile apps

Shop-Script 7 introduces native mobile apps for managing your online store on the go. Apps are available on the App Store and Google Play:

App Store Google Play

Blog & Photos apps

Blog and Photos apps are integrated. You can easily select one or more photos in the Photos app, and instantly publish a new blog post with the selected photos. Here is a sample image from the Photos app:

You can even use Smarty code in the Blog posts, which allows you to embed dynamic sets of photos, e.g. tagged or top rated photos — such sets will be automatically updated when you manage photos tags and rating in the Photos app, without the need to update the blog post embedded code.

Hello world!

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